"An Initiative of Panun Kashmir"
The genocide of Hindus in Kashmir brings to the fore most vividly the failure of a democratic secular Order. It also brings out the pathology of democratic secular discourse where tolerance of intolerance has become the hallmark of tolerance. Movements for destruction of Human freedoms are seeking freedom to operate with absolute immunity. We know it through our living experience that there can be no freedom which impinges on freedom and there can be no equality which nourishes inequality. And it is this vision and purpose that makes us seek your support  to make GOI recognize our genocide and create a policy for its permanent reversal.
On the homeland day on 28th December, 2019, Panun Kashmir released the proposed Bill on the Genocide of Hindus in Kashmir which needs to be adopted by the Government of India, with immediate effect.
The Bill has been named Panun Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020.
Since the Government of India has already recognised Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir while imposing a ban on the JKLF; and India being a contracting party to the United Nation’s Convention on Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide 1948, it has been obligatory on part of the Union of India to enact a law in India. India has ratified the convention in 1959 but so far no such law has been enacted by the Parliament of India.
It has been a resolute and consistent view of Panun Kashmir that GOI accepts the campaign of destruction and violence against the Hindus of Kashmir leading to religious cleansing of Kashmiris as an act of Genocide, since it fulfils all the criteria laid down by the UN Convention on Genocide.
We once again urge you to support the bill and impress upon the Govt to initiate measures to address this Bill and initiate measures that Parliament of India passes it as Act in the nearest future.

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What Do You Need To Do?
Please click on the link to the full text and scroll to the bottom to fill a short form to sign the Bill:
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Please circulate among your circles, individuals, community representatives, political representatives and activists requesting them to complete this form. Please help us collect as many signatories as possible. The campaign will close on 13 August 2020.

On behalf of Panun Kashmir RE-hinge team
Dr Agnishekhar - Convenor
Dr Ajay Chrungoo - Chairman